Are you ready to make your own crafterpiece?

Have fun getting your creative juices flowing… 

Do you love the beautiful modern farmhouse decor you see on designer home tv shows? Have you pinned pretty things on Pinterest that you have no idea how to make? Maybe you love to craft but never seem to have time? Or, perhaps you don’t consider yourself creative but just want to do something fun with friends…  Whatever your story is, our DIY workshops will bring out your creativity without overwhelming you. No artistic skills required– our parties are beginner-friendly and designed to be fun for every creative ability level! Our beautiful stencils are cut-to-order and personalized with paints and embellishments (for some projects) that make your project one-of-a-kind. You will make your project from start to finish with our easy step-by-step assistance.


Come relax and have a fun time at one of our craft workshops... you know you deserve it!


Learn. Create. Inspire.

We believe everyone needs opportunities to create, and that overall well-being and creative expression are linked. Trying something new, experimenting and exploring art can increase happiness endorphins and reduce stress. Art is therapy for your soul! So make some time to craft! We can’t wait to see what you create.


Tiffany Hicks

Creating is my thing. I literally wake up thinking about making stuff. I love to craft. And chocolate. I love chocolate, but you're not here for that.


I've been a professional graphic designer for the last 20 years (and it's still my "day job") but getting my hands messy with ink and paint makes my heart happy and I love to share it with people. Back in 2014ish, a friend and I started hosting craft days with friends to bring people together (and let's be honest, so we could have an excuse to craft more, too!). After several events, I realized that women want to craft more and they need more opportunities to have "me time". They want to learn new things, make beautiful stuff and hang out with other women more! But it's so hard to find time to figure out the supplies then spend tons of money buying it all, and likely never actually get it done. Let me do all the hard work and you come have the fun! I hope to see you getting your creative juices flowing soon. Check out our events or consider hosting a party!


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