Do I have to pick my design choice before the party?

Yes, you will receive your own disposable stencil cut just for you when you register for the party. Because the stencils are "cut to order", I need time before the workshop to prepare it just for you.

Do I have to choose my paint colors before the workshop?

No, you can select your colors at the party. There are several colors to choose from and you can use one color on your stencil or make your design multi-colored. It helps to decide where you want to display your sign in your home before you arrive so you can choose colors that will complement the room.

I don't think I'm very crafty. Can I really do this?

Yes! You will be using a stencil and we will show you what to do every step of the way. There's no freehand painting (unless you want to– we fully support creative freedom!) and no artistic ability is necessary, but when you're done, you're going to feel like a proud artist!

What if I can't make it to a workshop I pre-registered for anymore– can I cancel?

We understand that life happens, but because all of our stencils are cut-to-order and many are personalized, there are no refunds. If you can't make it: 1) You can send someone in your place to paint your chosen design. 2) You can complete your project at any of our Open Studio days held every month. Sorry, there are no monetary refunds for cancellations. Any drinks or promotional gifts included with the event are forfeited.

Can I host a themed party workshop like an adult birthday party, baby shower or bridal shower?

Absolutely! Special celebrations are awesome! We will provide all the materials to create a project perfect for the special occasion. You may bring decorations, food and drinks.The sign portion of the party will last about 2-2.5 hours depending on the project selected. Message us for more details and to look at date availability.

Do you do kids workshops?

Yes, we do kids parties too! Our projects are best for kids ages 7+. Packages start at $150. View our Children's Birthday Parties page or message us for more details.

What if I am hosting a party and need to cancel?

Well, this would be a total bummer! If something comes up, message or call right away. If you notify us at least 10 days before the party and no guests have paid their registration fee, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If any guests have registered and paid their fee and the party cannot go on without you, your guests will be refunded but you will forfeit your deposit fee to cover costs and time incurred.

How long does a workshop last?

The total workshop time varies depending on the number of guests, how quickly you work and the design you choose (simpler designs go faster while detailed designs take more time). The goal is to finish within 2-2.5 hours but some workshops may last 3+ hours.

How much do signs cost?

Most signs available at Open Studio are between $15-60 depending on the sign size. Our special event workshops typically start at $35. Check each event individually for pricing and options. All of our signs are custom cut and a whole lotta time and love goes into prepping things for each of you.

What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is virtually our "open to the pubic" hours where you can walk-in and choose a project to make from our in-stock options. We have over 100 designs to make wood signs, shiplap or pallet style signs, crates, mason jar boxes, blanket ladders, giant chalkboards, beer bottle cap catchers, shape door hangers, Yardzee and more based on availability!

Browse our Facebook page photos to see ideas and if you see something you like, send us a message in advance of the Open Studio date. We will have your project ready and waiting for you! Please make special requests at least 2 days in advance because if the studio is rockin', we won't be able to do custom orders or supplies may not be available.

Open Studio is perfect for family time! We have lots of projects starting at $15 and a $5 Bargain Bin!

No pre-registration is required. Walk-ins welcome!


Creative Juice Crafts DIY Party & Workshop Policies


IMPERFECTIONS: As a handmade wood sign workshop, your sign will likely have random cracks, chips, knots and other natural blemishes. These aren't considered flaws, but rustic character that make your sign unique and naturally weathered looking. Your sign may have slight bleeding or wood peeling when you are done. We can help you try to touch these things up, but it's just part of the art process and most of the time it's not obvious from a natural viewing distance. Think of it as "evidence" that your sign was lovingly hand-made!

REGISTRATION: No changes can be made once you check out as we prepare materials to order.

One person per project registration is allowed (no sharing projects unless it's a "couple's project). Only those registered to make a project are allowed to stay at the event as we have limited space. Some events have age restrictions. 

FOOD & BEVERAGES: You may bring snacks and beverages to any workshop. Other drinks and packaged snacks may be available for purchase.  As a host, if you choose, you may bring snacks for your guests.

SMOKING, PETS and KIDS: No smoking (of any kind) is allowed at parties due to open paints and stain containers, odor absorbtion in wood and for the comfort of all guests. For the enjoyment of everyone, no pets or unregistered children are allowed at parties. Babes under 1 year old in a carrier are welcome, but if your little one isn’t having a good time, please step away so other guests aren’t disturbed. Some events will have age restrictions... but don't worry, you can't be too old to craft. ;)

CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that life happens, but because all of our stencils are cut-to-order (and many are personalized), and your seat is reserved, there are no refunds. Instead, there are three options: 1) You can send someone in your place to paint your chosen design. 2) You can get your stencil and wood as a "to-go" kit (some supplies not included) and arrange for pickup. 3) You can receive a voucher which can be used for a future event up to 6 months if you cancel at least 5 days in advance and your stencil has not been cut yet. Sorry, there are no monetary refunds for cancellations. Any drinks or promotional gifts included with the event are forfeited. 

PHOTO RELEASE: We enjoy sharing photos taken during workshops of people and projects. By registering for an event and participating, you agree to allow us to share photos of your project or person and authorize and release all photos taken at our events.

NON-COMPETE: Projects and techniques demonstrated and/or made in our workshops are for personal use only. Please do not commercially sell, share or teach techniques for recreating items learned in our workshops.

Safety Liability Waiver & Release Agreement


I understand that I will use and/or be exposed to wood, rough edges, nail guns, hammers, nails, sand paper, paint and oil or water based stains and other items during Creative Juice parties or workshops that may expose me to injury or damage to my personal belongings. I agree to be responsible for any damages to Creative Juice tools, equipment or facilities in which parties are held, to the extent and in the percentage I cause such damages due to my actions, misuse of tools or materials or accident including repair or replacement. I agree to take precautions and observe all the Creative Juice policies, recommendations, directions, rules and warnings; whether provided orally or in writing. I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself and my personal belongings.

I further agree to release and discharge Creative Juice and it’s affiliates including rental/location facilities and building owners for any injury, loss or damage that may arise out of my participation in Creative Juice parties or workshops.


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